This owner of The Lash Co in Houston, Texas, has taken her love for lashes and passion for the NovaLash product and turned it into a booming business.


My lashes right now:

Right now I have a very
lush look that still looks
natural: 14mm, .25 curly
curl lashes on the outside
corners to add some drama,
then lots of 8 and 10 mm
curly curl lashes throughout
so I can maintain the
thick, defined lash line.

The coolest look I
ever created:
When I
applied Candied Lashes to a
model for a NovaLash photo
shoot. I got to add a lot of
candied lashes throughout.
Usually we just add a few
to the outside corners for a
subtle shimmer.

The celeb I Would
most like to makeover:
Oprah. She would
never go back to using
strips after I lashed her up!

My favorite tool
and product:
Air Nova tool saves me
precious time and clients
love it. Candied Lashes
are all glitz and glam—my
clients are always on their
way to something special
when they request Candied
Lashes—gives them extra
shimmer and shine!

The best thing about
my job is:
Instant gratification.
When my clients
look in the mirror after
their lashes are done—they
know they look beautiful
and ooze confidence.

The best job I ever
had as a lash artist:
The first time I did Beyonce’s
lashes. She had
never had anything done to
her bottom lashes before.

My secret weapon: Platinum
Bond—I developed the
NovaLash technique based on
how this adhesive works!

My cause: To inspire
women in the beauty industry
to take risks, be bold
and not be afraid to take a
route untaken. Lash extensions
back then did not
guarantee success or even
a future, but I loved it and
have never looked back!