Sonya and Christopher DoveTheir Work:

Over the last
27 years, the Doves have made quite a name for themselves in the
professional beauty industry. As creative directors for Wella
Professional USA, the British natives are responsible for the overall
creative direction of educational and show programs. Just recently,
they opened their first U.S. salon, The Doves, in Santa Monica,
California. Their work has been featured in editorial spreads worldwide
and they have collected noteworthy industry accolades.

Why They’re Influential:
It is their artistry, along with the duo’s down-to-earth manner and
fun-loving charisma, that has created a demand for them to teach their
craft to other professionals worldwide at seminars, on show stages and
in their salon. The Doves gained a name for creating progressive,
trend-setting designs and original styles at U.S. and international
hair shows.

Who Influences Them: “Vidal Sassoon, because he
changed the world of hairdressing and never lost sight of his belief
and passion. Trevor Sorbie because he pushed the envelope and made us
think differently about what can be done with hair. Graham Webb had a
large vision when it came to the business of the industry. He has also
overcome many adversities in his life when so many told him he could