Camera: DCS330C Serial #: K330C-0868 Width: 1504 Height: 2008 Date: 4/20/04 Time: 17:09:41 DCS3xx Image FW Ver: 1.6.2 TIFF Image Look: Product Antialiasing Filter: Installed Counter: [55775] ISO Speed: 125 Aperture: f5.6 Shutter: 1/60 Max Aperture: f4.4 Min Aperture: f30.2 Exposure Mode: Manual (M) Compensation: +0.0 Flash Compensation: +0.0 Meter Mode: Center-Weight Flash: None Drive Mode: Single Focus Mode: AF-S/Wide Self-timer: No Focal Length (mm): 50.0 Lens Type: Gen 2 D-Type AF Nikkor

Smartest business decision: “To go to a Maly’s Hair Show in Michigan back in 1984. That one day changed my life. I used to sneak into shows and that day I got caught. The VP of education made me promise to try out for the Maly’s Education Team in order to get back to my seat. I made the team and most of those teammates are my friends today. Education changed my career, my life and my outlook.”

Best advice: “Remember what it feels like to sit in that chair as a client and be serviced by someone who cares. My lesson was no one cares how much I knew until they knew how much I cared. Sometimes, the moments people spend in your chair are the most priceless moments of their day, so listen, love and learn.”