This modern, stylish and easy “red carpet” updo found in the Modern Salon Learning catalogue will teach you simple backcombing to help in combining textures and shape. In the lesson Tease Me, four sections are taken through the interior and exterior to create this style. Learn how volume is used in the interior to elongate face shape and compliment the style. This lesson also offers a “master” trick to control fly away hairs.

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    STEP 1: Section out a 2-inch front section and wind in a large Velcro roller at a 95-degree angle over direction.

      STEP 2: Wind in two more Velcro rollers at 90 degrees.

        STEP 3: Divide the remaining hair into 3 ponytails, taking diagonal partings. Cover elastics with hair.

          STEP 4: Leaving out a small section, backcomb the bottom ponytail.

            STEP 5: Twist the small section left out.

              STEP 6: Wrap the twisted section around the “back combed” ponytail.

                STEP 7: Repeat the step with the other ponytails always bringing the ponytail around to the side and securing with bobby pins.

                  STEP 8: Twist the section left out, then twist around the teased section.

                    STEP 9: Using a large make-up brush and hairspray, smooth down any wispy hairs.

                      STEP 10: Remove Velcro rollers and back comb.

                        STEP 11: Create volume and pin into the crown.

                        STEP 12: Smooth any fly away hairs with make-up brush.