Strategies Webinar: Innovation - What's Your Next Big Idea?

04/17/2013 - 04/17/2013



Location: Online Strategies Webinar
Centerbrook, CT 06409
Country: USA
Summary: Innovation brings creativity and efficiency to all aspects of business growth. It can be as simple as a new process or procedure to improve workflow or communication, or as extraordinary as a breakthrough product like the now legendary Apple iPod. Innovation is often about little things that improve the client experience in subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) ways. What does innovation look like in your salon/spa? More importantly, how much of that innovation naturally occurs without your direct involvement?

In this Strategies Webinar, you'll learn:
• Why innovation is so important to business success
• Can you really 'choose' to be innovative?
• Innovation doesn't always have to be related to something new
• Knowing when your ideas are great — and when they stink
• Get the team involved: Innovation doesn't only have to come from owners/managers
Cost: $49.00 per person
Phone: 800.417.4848 x202
Sponsor: Strategies
Contact: Joanne
Facebook Page: http://

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