Strategies Workshop: Scripting

06/08/2014 - 06/09/2014



Location: Strategies Business Academy, Centerbrook, CT
Strategies Business Academy
Centerbrook, CT 06409
Country: USA
Summary: Strategies’ new Workshop Series:
We teach it and help you build it before you leave!

Consistency: it’s what your clients crave. One sure way to create consistency within your company is to be certain that all your team members are speaking the same language. Without a complete and thorough scripting system and scripting training you are simply “shooting from the hip”. To maintain a higher level of customer service it is essential to train your team on effective communication.

Not only do scripts provide consistency they also help your team feel more confident and empowered….finally they know how to answer “that” question. To guarantee that the message of your company and the intent behind your communication are carried through you must create the appropriate scripts that speak in terms that the client can understand. Scripts ensure that the company image and culture come through in everything that we say. If there is any grey area between what your clients want to know and what your team is telling them you need a script! In this workshop we will help you identify your clients expectations, needs and desires are and how to properly communicate with them. By using words that work we will help you design a scripting book that will help move your company in the direction that you want it to go.

Some of the topics we will cover:
• Why should you create scripts
• What processes/situations should you create scripts for
• Using the right words for each situation
• Understanding that it’s not just WHAT you say, but HOW you say it
• How to create the outcome that you desire thru proper scripting
• How to train your team with scripts
• Hands on creation of a Scripting Workbook designed specifically for your company
Cost: $495 per person
Phone: 800.417.4848 x202
Sponsor: Strategies
Contact: Joanne

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