February 3
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The Strategies Incubator - Sacramento, CA

About the Event:

Incubator is built entirely around the Strategies Blueprint of systems to create consistency, predictability and measurable growth in all of the essential growth indicators and benchmarks.Incubator's four days begin with a heavy dose of no-compromise leadership and dives right into creating balance across the Four Business Outcomes. From demystifying your company's numeric "vital signs," busting the myths of Team-Based Pay and how it works, to culture building, client retention and power growth systems, the dynamic salon/spa/medspa business model you've been searching for will be presented to you in detail. That's why Incubator has a 17-year track record of changing lives and companies. Beginning the day after Incubator, you'll be able to make positive changes in your business to start building a rock-solid foundation.Here's a look at some of what you'll walk away with:• Why building a no-compromise company begins with the leader — and tips to ensure your leadership style contributes to growth.• How to drive the Four Business Outcomes: Profitability, Productivity, Customer Loyalty and Staff Retention. Learn where your business is in each area — and how to ensure peak performance.• How to read, understand and control your company's numeric "vital signs" — You can't be financially strong if you don't know what your numbers mean and what you need to do to improve your cash-flow reality.• Why your compensation system matters and how Team-Based Pay changes everything in your business, including performance, payroll costs, growth and culture.• A growth plan that's customized to your business.• How to set revenue goals with deadly accuracy - and communicate those goals to your team.• Information-flow systems, including how to conduct powerful huddles and create creative scoreboards that get your team excited about achieving company goals.The focus in Incubator is on systems. Whether you don't have systems, your systems aren't effective or you just haven't figured out how to turn the switch on to fire them up, Incubator will get all your systems on GO. Your results will include increased client retention, improved pre-booking and retail sales, more money on the bottom line and productivity that will blow you away.You'll leave Incubator with a "must do" list and a contract that cements your commitment to making positive change within your business.

Cost: $One attendee: $1,595; Two attendee from same business: $2,195; Additional attendee after two from same business: $695

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