October 14
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Strategies Webinar: Driving Retail in the Salon/Spa

About the Event:

There is no doubt that retail can be a huge part of the salon/spa business. So why is it that one salon/spa can be stuck at 10%–15% retail to total sales, while others don’t even break a sweat at 25%–35% or higher? Answer: One has a retailing (i.e., selling) culture and the non-performer does not. As with most things in business, you need a system to drive the process. In this Strategies Webinar, we will discuss how to implement a proactive retailing program that not only encourages, but requires employees to get involved in the retail game.In this Strategies Webinar, you'll learn:• Why leadership and culture are the real powers behind retail sales• Why retail commission doesn't work in the salon/spa• How to ensure every client receives a product recommendation• Retailing benchmarks every salon/spa should be hitting• Skill certifying the sales process

Cost: $$49.00 per person



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