August 14
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Strategies Webinar: Tipping in the Salon/Spa - The Compromises & Realities

About the Event:

Tipping has been a part of salon and spa culture for as long as services have been offered. And throughout their entire existence, they have been an “issue” for owners. Why should the business pay payroll taxes on tip wages? Is every tip dollar being reported to the IRS? Who gets the tip if multiple team members perform a service? Who pays the credit card fees on tips. In short, tipping is a big mess in our industry. So is it really worth it? Let's find out.In this Strategies Webinar, you'll learn:• Tipping Tax Laws 101• Who writes for the rules for tipping in the salon/spa?• Would your business be better off without tipping? Practical tactics for going "no-tip"• How to navigate the mountain of tipping accounting challenges• Political activism: An update on PBA's Cosmetology Tax Fairness and Compliance Act

Cost: $$49.00 per person



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