Strategies Webinar: The First Visit - Mastering the Disciplines, Strategies & Skills

About the Event:

The salon/spa business game is a simple one. Convert as many first visit clients to second visit — or lose. So how can you and the team make them want to return? What is your responsibility from the time they open the door until the moment they leave? Everything that happens, everything the client sees, hears, smells and feels will affect their decision of whether to return. Meeting the high expectations of today’s salon/spa client requires a plan, a script. It takes training and true teamwork. Register for this Webinar and learn how and why everyone must be able to respond to client queries and work together to resolve problems.In this Strategies Webinar, you'll learn:• Why the responsibility to retain the client starts BEFORE their first visit — and doesn't end when they leave• Maximizing the critical first impression• The importance of scripting for every team member• Why consistency is the biggest factor in retaining new AND existing clients• Real-life examples of first-time client retention strategies

Cost: $$49.00 per person



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