Strategies Webinar: Delegating Responsibility: How and When to Let Go

About the Event:

As business owners, we often proudly boast our roles of wearing many hats. After all, the business is your lifeblood — it was your vision to open the doors, your name personally guaranteed the bank loan, and it's your responsibility ensure that whatever needs to get done to push the business forward gets done. Or is it? One of the hardest decisions for an owner to make, is the day they let go of the reins and let their team help guide the business. It can often be one of the most heartfelt, inspiring and relieving events as well. That is, if you have a plan…In this strategies webinar, you'll learn:• The telling signs of when it's time to let go• The five w's of delegation• Defining your new role• How much do you let go?

Cost: $$49.00 per person



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