March 18
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Strategies Webinar: Job Descriptions for the Salon/Spa

About the Event:

"I don't get paid to do that." We've all heard this line in the salon/spa. Unfortunately, there are many times when team members do get paid to do "that", however, it was never properly communicated to them. Simply put, there's no better tool for defining expectations and responsibilities than job descriptions. And their uses go far beyond defining the day-to-day duties for team members. Register now and learn how you can put job descriptions to work in your businessIn this Strategies Webinar, you'll learn:• What should and should not be in a job description• Why it's important to get staff involved in the creation process• How and when should you make changes to job descriptions• How to address an employee that does not follow protocol• The role of job descriptions in the interview and review process

Cost: $$49.00 per person



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