December 19
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Strategies Webinar: Impatient for Profit - Patient for Growth

About the Event:

The relentless pursuit of business growth can kill your company. There are countless examples of companies that found themselves in dire straits - or have completely imploded - because they were hell-bent on driving revenues and expansion at the expense of profit. Profit is proof that your business model works. Profit that is built on integrity, purpose and high values is proof that you are worthy of being a no-compromise leader. Profit shows that you're paying attention to the company's financial reality. Generating profit in tough economic times shows that the company is capable of making and executing tough decisions.Join Strategies founder and CEO Neil Ducoff and learn how to shift your thinking to what really matters - profit.You will learn:• What the heck profit is and why it's so important• Six proven strategies to keep your ego and entrepreneurial seizures under control• Why putting growth above profit feeds questionable decisions• Why financing and borrowing your way to profit is the fastest way to "grow broke"• Seven leadership behaviors that directly lead to profit

Cost: $$49.00 per person



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