November 3
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Strategies Seminar: Incubator Graduate

About the Event:

Locking in the Strategies Systems, Thinking and BehaviorAs an Incubator graduate, you began the process of laying down the foundation for a successful salon or spa. You now realize that Incubator was just the beginning of your journey to become a no-compromise leader and building the business of your dreams. Now it's time to drill down into what makes Strategies systems work - and how to make them stick throughout your business.Incubator Graduate is all about mastering the Strategies systems and reinforcing them with the right thinking, behavior and accountability of your entire team. More importantly, it's about driving profitability, while reigniting your passion for leading a profitable, exciting and dynamic salon/spa business. Incubator Graduate will turn your list of "must-do's" into measurable next level success.Some of what you'll walk away with:• Achieving profitability by design — as much as 20%• Getting total control over your cash flow, including building cash reserves• Projecting revenue and expenses with accuracy• Working with accountants and bookkeepers for effectiveness and efficiency• Developing information-flow systems that eliminate "but I didn't know" from your company• Having company-wide accountability through engagement (not dictatorship) and having the high-trust culture that all but ensures results• Determining the essence of your company and developing that into a "stump speech" to share your passion with others• Using the Strategies Broadband System to define employee growth paths and conduct effective performance reviews — for you and your staff• Conducting pay reviews that focus on expectations, not entitlement• Pricing services for clarity and profit• Continuing your culture shift and ensuring that your best serves your goalsHaving a successful, profitable business means the leaders must have no-compromise resolve day in and day out. Your consistency is what will get your team fired up and will keep them on target after the initial excitement of making changes has worn off.Incubator Graduate will help ensure that your commitments remain on target and that you continue building your business on a solid foundation.Pre-requisite: You must be a graduate of the Strategies Incubator to attend this program.

Cost: $One attendee: $1595; Two attendees from the same business: $2195; Additional attendees after two from the same business: $695

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