September 8
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Strategies Seminar: Communicating with Staff

About the Event:

Learn to create confidence in your ability communicate successfully! As a salon/spa leader, you need to understand how to guide multi-generational teams, how to communicate for results, prevent communication breakdowns and negotiate difficult situations. That’s not always such an easy list of tasks! This two-day training will strengthen your ability — and confidence — to communicate effectively with employees, clients, and strategic partners.The true purpose of communication is to create actions and infuse accountability to achieve the desired results. By elevating your communication skills you will generate win-win solutions improving staff retention and client loyalty, increasing productivity and profitability, and improving the quality of work-life in your organization. You will also learn:• How to build and communicating company values.• They just don’t do “it”. How to create clarity and strategies to coach results for “it”.• Employee Financials 101: How to communicate the what, how and why for staff understanding and engagement.• How to create breakthroughs that impact change in actions and behaviors.• How to deal with difficult employees.• How to coach multi-generations — strengths, differences and values.• How to communicate for results with trust and respect.• How to give effective feedback with clear expectations.• How to build a communication accountability plan.

Cost: $$595 per person

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