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Whether you're new at leading people or managing your own company, Finding Your Voice as a Leader through this communication-based workshop will break down the ins and outs of connecting with your team, your clients, and everyone else you interact with professionally and personally. Research shows that the # 1 attribute of a great leader is authenticity, yet that is not a trained skill. To be a great leader you must know how to be present, have excellent listening skill, know how to coach people and authentically communicate. These are the fundamental components every great leader posses and we will be giving you the knowledge of how to create those within your leadership efforts. Join us for this 3-day commanding course in certification leadership training, ideal for owners, managers, teachers and entrepreneurs of all types. L.E.A.D , Finding your Voice as a Leader is sincere, authentic and transparent, no cloak or hidden agendas but a true bare all approach to communications, coaching and connecting with others.You will learn: •Gain the secrets of connecting with Emotional Intelligence, and how emotions are important.•Understand and know how to have crucial conversations that can shift any circumstance of conflict to empowerment•Learn communication skills that transform your approach with others, knowing it’s not only what you say, but how you say it that matters. •Receive the fundamental structure of how coaching works in a leadership role giving you the power to lead vs. force “If you are in the people business then being a good and confident leader is the success formula, put people first and your product and brand will expand!’” explains Bonadeo.“Most people fear those courageous conversations, understanding how to be present and really listen to another is the foundation of coaching and leading”, states Crisafulli

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