1 Hour Extension Installation

About the Event:

This course is 3 hours long. It is one on one training with a stylist who has 6 years dealing with sew in extensions. The 4 types of extensions you will learn are the 3 traditional braid based foundations which are partial, full and invisible part sew ins as well as the rapidly trending braidless or micro link sew in. You will be taught the braiding patterns and sewing techniques as well as tips for maintenance and removal. The techniques will allow you to install full heads of extensions without the harsh glue that most stylists use to create a full closure. Live models will be provided but you are more than welcome to bring a mannequin head as well. There is no need to bring any supplies or tools unless you would prefer to bring your own. This course is good for anyone who is also looking to learn to braid to the scalp. The average cost for these extensions in a salon range from $150-350. The typical time it takes for a stylist to perform this service is 2 1/2-6 hours depending on their experience. I'm willing to share my secrets with you so you too can offer long-lasting, pain-free and undetectable extensions to your clients. The course is specially designed to fit your educational needs. There's no need to pay for what you already know. There will be a detailed consolation upon registration for the course so that you and the educator will know what you need to work on.

Cost: $$400

Date: to


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