Eufora YOU School: Master Styling & Finishing

About the Event:

Like an artist’s canvas, a stylist’s finished design is like a work of art. This course lets you take command of the techniques and tools of the trade to let your creativity flow. A great finish and the ability to instruct your client on proper tool usage is as important to your reputation as the cut. This course will have you loving the finishing process and puts a method to mastering finishing and hairdressing.Students will learn:-Classic finishing techniques for contemporary styling including finger waves, pin-curls and skip waves.-Unique blow-dry, brush and tool usage to decrease your time with fantastic results.-A system for creating classic and avant-garde commercial and long hairdressing styles. -Skill level required: licensed stylists -Student/Instructor ratio: 8 to 1 -Student required supplies: scissors, combs, brushes, clips

Cost: $$775

Date: to


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