November 3
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Classic Cuts 2 - ARROJO Academy

About the Event:

In Classic Cuts 2 we continue to explore classic scissor cutting technique, applied to geometric yet organic shapes. Over the three days attendees will watch, practice, and master three cuts that improve technical precision and creative awareness: Classic Long Layer shows the right approach to layering from the front to create maximum face-framing shape, while retaining weight and structure through the back; Classic Round Graduation displays how to create a perfect rounded layer shape, elegantly crafted from the front; and Classic Short Graduation reveals techniques for creating an ultra-tight nape, and a pronounced head shape––the fundamentals of all short haircutting. Learning these techniques increases control, flexibility, and style, and empowers each stylist to improve all cuts, from the most simple to the most dynamic.

To book ARROJO seminars at the ARROJO Academy, please call ARROJO Education direct on: 212 242 7786 ext 207 or email [email protected]

Cost: $$1150

Date: to


Classic Cuts 2 - ARROJO Academy

New York, NY


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