October 14
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Designing the Look with Eva Scrivo - Level 2

About the Event:

In the eyes of our clients, we are not just hairstylists or colorists. We are designers with the power to transform by making the most of what nature gave them. Incorporating all of the tools at your disposal to effectively design a complete look takes not only expertise, but a keen eye and a clear understanding of how to balance shapes with color. Skillfully combining cutting and coloring to create beautiful transformations is the true are of our craft and the best business-bulding tool you can master. Join us in these first ever 3-day classes.


Designing the Look - Level 2: Master Class (Level 1 is a pre-requisite):

After you have had the opportunity to practice these technical and artistic concepts from Level 1 at your salon, we will continue to build on them with a progressive second module. We will start with a review of what you already learned and move on to designing and creating the look on live models, further honing your technical and artistic skills. This course also includes a visit to one of NYC's great art museums, to help you draw inspiration from its sculptures and paintings; to see how they influence what we do as hairdressers. Like hair, it is about shape and color which impact their immediate surroundings. Art and beauty are one, and this class brings it all together.

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Designing the Look with Eva Scrivo - Level 2

New York, NY


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