November 10
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Hair Through the Lens: Up Close & Personal with Nicholas French and Sacha Quarles

About the Event:

First of a three-part series culminating in a photo session of your own. Nicholas French and Sacha Quarles will discuss their careers and keys to success. They will demonstrate easy techniques in setting and styling. Additionally, they will show the art of extensions and unique techniques appropriate to the holiday season. You will learn to:- Build your own concept boards- Self start your creative angles- Conceptualize/visualize hair styles- Finish and build styles- Four hair teasing techniques- Use irons to achieve a celebrity set- Specialized blow drying techniques- Replicate formal and work styles- Secure hair with the disappearing pin- Select styles to suit face shapes- Hair extensions for special events- Make hair pieces from wefts- Prepare hair to be photographed- Take the first steps on creating your own photo shoot

Cost: $2 Day Event: $1,350 including long hair mannequin and phase one diploma

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