February 24
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Happy Mondays Santa Monica

About the Event:

With world-leading hairdressing education, pioneering product distribution, and a multi-award-winning salon ARROJO is a progressive, independent hairdressing brand. To connect to our peers the things we do to engender reward and success, the Happy Mondays event shares our approach to modern, creative hairdressing, and to smart and savvy business-building. Educationally, Nick Arrojo and ARROJO’s world-renowned team of master stylists demonstrate contemporary techniques in scissor and razor cutting, creative and editorial styling. Showing skills stylists can use to to improve their work with clients in the salon, we show the value of proper craftsmanship and creative versatility. Business-wise, Nick shares a lifetime of experience as he notes the best business practices in contemporary hairdressing. We also highlight the value of the ARROJO Ambassador Program. This is our direct to salon, ARROJO professional product distribution business, with perks including education, mentoring and business support, growth and inspiration for salons and stylists. To attend Happy Mondays, or to enquire about future events, please email: [email protected]. Or Call: 212 242 7786 ext 217.

Cost: $complimentary



Goldwell Academy, Santa Monica

United States


Contacts: [email protected]

Website: http://arrojonyc.com/article/academy/Happy-Mondays-in-San-Diego-and-Santa-Monica?category=academy

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 212 242 7786 x 217


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