Learn How to Master the Art of Graduation

05/18/2014 - 05/18/2014



Location: Damian West Salon, 237 West 4th Street
Damian West Salon
New York, New York 10014
Country: USA
Summary: Call: 212-995-9334

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Morning Session

Consultation: It's extremely important to know how to consult with a client to build trust and to decide in a visual way what will look great and work for the client. This has to be part of each haircut. Take some time, use your eye to decide how to make your client look fabulous and feel totally comfortable.

Demo by Laara Raynier
Graduation Cutting Techniques: Learn how to graduate hair to create shape and form. Learn how to use the comb as a guide. Watch how the hardest haircut can be made simple through these graduation techniques, with creativity and perfection.

Afternoon Session

Hands-On Step-By-Step Training In this group workshop you will get individual attention from Laara Raynier and practice cutting graduated haircutting techniques, with the focus on graduated bobs and round graduation.
Cost: $250 for Hands-on. $150 for observation.
Phone: (212) 995-9334
Contact: Laara Raynier
Website: http://MastercutterAcademy.com
Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/MastercutterAcademy
Email: laara@MastercutterAcademy.com

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