Long Layers + Face Framing Workshop

About the Event:

Morning Session--10:30am-- Consultation: The consultation process is part of each haircut. It's extremely important to know how to consult with a client to build trust and to decide in a visual way what will look great and work for the client.11:00am-- Sexy Long Layers + Face Framing: Hair cutting Demonstration by Laara Raynier featuring advanced blending, layering, texturizing, point cutting with the emphasis on face framing.Afternoon Session--12:30pm-- Hands-On Step-By-Step Training with Laara Raynier. In this group workshop you will practice cutting long hair, featuring advanced blending, layering & texturizing. Learn to master long hair and cutting the face frame.THE FINISH-- The 5-Day Blow-dry Technique: This blow dry technique is so amazing, it can last up to 5 days when done correctly! By using a boar bristle brush, no straight iron is needed to achieve smooth, polished hair. Metal brushes are great for bending and curling the hair because they heat up like a curling iron.

Cost: $Hands-on Participation: $250 Observation: $149



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