September 22
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Sexy Long Layers + Color | Mastercutter Academy

About the Event:

Demo by Laara Raynier:Featuring advanced blending, layering, texturizing, point cutting with the emphasis on face framing.​Hands-On Step-By-Step Training:You will get individual attention from Laara Raynier and practice cutting long hair. With the focus on advanced blending, layering, texturizing and point cutting. Learn to master long hair and the challenge of cutting a face frame.​Highlighting Demo On Long Layered Haircut:Learn how to highlight where it looks so natural it looks like it's growing out of the head. Maximize a great haircut with great color. The results are: the cut and color are inseparable.​Hands-On Step-By-Step Training featuring highlighting long hair.

Cost: $$250 for Hands-on. $149 for observation.



Damian West Salon

New York, NY 10014

United States


Contacts: Laara Raynier



Phone: (212) 995-9334


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