October 6
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Short Hair - Men's and Women's

About the Event:

Consultation: The consultation process is part of each haircut. It's extremely important to know how to consult with a client to build trust and to decide in a visual way what will look great and work for the client.​Men's Haircutting and Barbering:Demo by Laara Raynier Featuring a short men's haircut, using scissor over comb, barbering & styling techniques and products that give the haircut the edge.​Hands-On Step-By-Step Training: In this group workshop you will learn the principles of effective men's haircutting including: scissor over comb, layering, graduations, and other techniques that are fundamental to men's grooming. Each stylist will receive individual attention from Laara Raynier.Current Short Haircut Trends:Demo by Laara Raynier If you want to evolve your work with sophisticated, innovative, edgy, fashion-forward short hair cutting, this is the class for you. Watch and learn classic precision round graduation, combined with establishing a weight line to create a haircut that will bring out the features and bone structure. ​Hands-On Step-By-Step Training: In this group workshop you will get individual attention from Laara Raynier. Learn shape, form, and the technique of round graduation to create a haircut that will accentuate the bone structure. Plus, styling & finishing techniques! This workshop is for hairdressers who want new trends, techniques, and inspiration.​

Cost: $Participation with 1 model: $250 Observation: $125 ​ ALL-DAY ATTENDANCE: Participation with 2 models: $350 (Save $150!) Observation: $200 (Save $100!)



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