August 18
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TONI&GUY Progressions

About the Event:

The 5-day Progressions program combines three of the most valued TONI&GUY programs into one complete educational experience. This class is the perfect overview of TONI&GUY Advanced Education and is loaded with MODERN CLASSIC CUTS, GRADUATION SKILLS & TRENDING TECHNIQUES knowledge, and the guidance needed to grow your creative side.

Days 1 & 2: Concentrate on strong foundational precision cutting skills only.
Day 3: Includes texturizing techniques, ideas in graduation and the conversation of colour. Students are encouraged to follow their inspiration during the hands-on workshop time for the rest of this course.
Days 4 & 5: Move into advanced cutting and colouring showcasing techniques from the latest collection.

Progressions connects the dots between good technique and forward creativity, helping hairdressers to both trust their skills and free up their artistry.

SUITABILITY: For the recently qualified stylist that wants to experience cut and colour to the experienced professional that wants to revisit a combination of foundational, internediate and advanced techniques that build upon each other.

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TONI&GUY Progressions

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