Tim Hartley Advance Cutting Classes

About the Event:

Introducing a new movement in hair...The Cult Of The Cut, spearheaded by Tim Hartley, an Icon of the industry and former International Creative Director for Vidal Sassoon during the Golden Age of hair, where what mattered most was the Cut... and it was acknowledged amongst the Greats of our industry that you were only as good as your last haircut!Tim has moved the fashion and hair world for decades through his creativity and with his haircuts. He is now creating a new revolution in hair through The Cult Of The Cut... The Cult will firmly be rooted in education, nurtured through inspiration and at it's heart, pulsating the passion of creativity. The goal of the Cult is to help you to master your Craft as a haircutter and free your inner sense of creativity as an artist, so that you can fulfill your destiny as the great stylist that you were meant to be.In his first step to laying the foundation of this movement, Tim Hartley will be holding classes in the U.S. Starting this year in Charlotte NC @ 8 The Salon. Tim will be giving 3 day hands on advance classes to only a select few individuals that have passion and drive to want to be the best that they can be... Qualifications - determination, initiative and a strong desire to be the best! If you think you've got what it takes to join our movement to better ourselves, so that we can better our industry... Then call us to make your reservation @ 704.365.3880.>Admission cost per 3 day course is $1800>Only 15 individuals will be selected per class>Class dates in 2014 -June 13,14,15August 10,11,12September 21,22,23November 2,3,4

Cost: $$1800

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