October 14
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Tribute to Vidal Sassoon

About the Event:


Scott Metzger - educator
8 hours CE

Scott started as an apprentice at Vidal Sassoon in 1968 in Toronto, Canada.  He worked in London, England and was sent to San Francisco to open Sassoon's in 1973.  He became the Artistic Director a year later and did many shows and TV with Vidal. Vidal was his mentor and friend.


- registration

- infection control/sanitation

- discussion on Vidal Sassoon's career and philosophies

- demonstration of 5 point bob

- lunch

- discussion of geometric haircutting

- demonstrations of graduated bobs

- closing discussion on Vidal and his philosophies

Infection control/sanitation for the above class would pertain to haircutting.


The importance of cleanliness in all aspects of your tools and work area.

Washing hands with each contact of client, bathroom, and eating.  Wash with soap for at least 20 seconds, rinse in running water, dry with paper towels or air dryer.  Use alcohol based rub for convenience. 

Any tool dropped on the floor should be removed and sanitized in barbicide before use on a client. 

Brushes, combs and scissors should be cleaned and sanitized  between clients and at the end of the day.

All hair and towels should be removed from chair and surrounding area after each client. 



Tribute to Vidal Sassoon

Pepper Pike, OH


Contacts: Anthea Metzger

Phone: 216-905-1306


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