October 27
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Up Close with Nick - ARROJO Academy

About the Event:

I see the Up Close with Nick seminar as a chance for myself to exchange, practice, and discuss business building ideas and creative cutting techniques with fellow hairdressers. On the first day, I present advanced scissor and razor cutting demos that feature techniques developed and practiced in my studio. Then, in the afternoon, you have the chance to practice these techniques in a mannequin workshop that I supervise myself. Day one ends with a team dinner, so we can gather round, review what we've done, share more thoughts and ideas, have fun, relax, and prepare for day two. On day two, I switch gears and talk about how I run my business and the things I do to ensure continued success. These are the actual practices I employ in my own salon every day, the same practices that led me to be named Salon Entrepreneur of the Year at the Global Salon Business Awards. But it's not all me, this class is an open forum and I encourage attendees to give their own insights so we can all learn practices that increase productivity and profitability, in the salon, from day to day. It's a great seminar, sure to leave you inspired and motivated." - Nick Arrojo

To book ARROJO seminars at the ARROJO Academy, please call ARROJO Education direct on: 212 242 7786 ext 207 or email [email protected]

Cost: $$1050

Date: to


Up Close with Nick - ARROJO Academy

New York, NY


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