Why Reinvent the Wheel? Advanced Hair Cutting in it's Basics with Ryan Teal

About the Event:

In this class, we will focus on the basic hair cutting method from history, and push them to the limit to make the looks modern and updated. Topics Include: -Vocabulary - Definitions for the rest of us-Pass the Method along to the next generation of hairdressers-History of Haircutting-Consultation CluesObjective: To inspire the hair stylist to look inside themselves for what they already have, and build on that internally.Ryan Teal is a vivacious and outspoken hair artist with an absolute love for all things creative. An award-winning stage artist, accomplished session stylist and salon owner, he's also a passionate teacher who openly shares his vision and inspiration with others. From highly polished hairdressing to daring avant-garde catwalk creations, you too will be impressed and inspired!

Cost: $$150



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