February 10
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Lydia Sarfati 3 Day Academy: Treating Sensitive Skin

About the Event:

80% of Americans claim to have sensitive skin! 85% of all people have dealt with acne at some point in their lives. Tap into this profitable market by learning how to effectively diagnose and treat sensitive, rosacea and reactive skin types. We will cover professional solutions including the Classic European Facial, the Hydra Medic Facial with Desincrustation Mask and the Hydra 4® Facial for Sensitive skin.Day 1: In-depth overview of Repêchage® products and treatments for reactive and sensitive skin types. We will show you how we create our innovative formulas and show you how to read a label. You will learn how the molecular structure of nature’s most effective ingredients effect product performance as well as AHA, BHA, anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial ingredients. Learn proper skin diagnosis and recommendation.Day 2: Facial treatments and the art of facial massage for reactive skin.Day 3: Acne and problem skin esthetic solutions. You will become a true specialist. Proper extractions made easy.Class includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on workshop.

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Lydia Sarfati 3 Day Academy: Treating Sensitive Skin

Secaucus, NJ 07094

United States


Website: http://www.repechage.com

Phone: 1-800-248-7546


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