March 30
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Xtreme Lashes Academy

About the Event:

The 8-Day Business Builder Package is a comprehensive Xtreme Lashes Academy training curriculum combining rigorous instruction and hands-on application with eyelash extension business building supplies, all in one inclusive package. Step into a dynamic, results-driven, and student-focused environment where your talents, skills, and love for beauty will be maximized to the fullest!Balancing comprehensive demonstration with intensive hands-on training, this in-depth and accelerated curriculum offers education centered on building confidence and correct application skills. In addition to application training, you will receive extensive business development, retail product, and inventory management training to maximize your earning potential!Your InvestmentXtreme Lashes Academy price: $3995*Retail value of training & supplies: $7700Your savings: $3705!*Payment plans available. Please call Xtreme Lashes Customer Service at 1-877-244-5274 for details. Why Enroll? •Get Technical Edge - Capitalize on having 8 full days with your trainer, the latter 6 of which will be application-intensive hands-on training where you will receive extensive support and feedback on your technique. This invaluable practice will build your application confidence and knowledge to truly give you that technical edge right away.•Get 360-Business Training - Receive training on business and inventory management and retail product education to maximize your clients’ satisfaction and create long-term profits for your business.•Get Promoted by Xtreme Lashes - More than just a training program, this business building opportunity offers graduates Xtreme Lashes Academy Certification and a business listing on the #1 visited eyelash extension website in the world,, upon successful completion of the curriculum and meeting certification requirements.

Cost: $$3995

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