Rethinking Color Formulation with TOM DISPENZA, Chromastics

About the Event:

It's not just the depth of your hair or the amount of "gray".There are many other influences on hair coloring.Your eye color can indicate the amount of red that is hidden in your hair.Your eye color can be an indicator of how easy or difficult it will be to lighten the hair.Your skin tone can indicate the maximum amount of lightening possible before major damage happens.The texture of your hair is often related to your ethnic background as is the color.You'll learn how to take these factors into consideration when formulating for all types of hair colors.You'll learn how to alter formulas in ways that will greatly improve wearability.You'll learn how to improve ash formulas to prevent warmth from appearing as the color wears.You'll see examples of formulas designed with "out of the box" thinking.You'll learn all of the ingredients that are in hair colors and why they are there.You'll get honest and direct answers to you questions.

Cost: $$10 CC members, $35 Non members



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