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Permanent Texture - ARROJO Academy

October 20, 2012 to October 21, 2012

About the Event

“With new professional products amplifying the benefits of permanent texture services, while taking away the old, negative effects, texturized hair is back in fashion. Modern texture services tailor wave and curl patterns to the individual; add volume, shape, shine, movement. Now we present a new permanent texture class to teach hair setting techniques that complement classic or creative styles. Three different skills are demoed, then workshopped. The Vertical Drag Wrap shows you how to create sexy beachy waves. The Classic Bendy Wrap shows you how to create a loose but even texture throughout the hairstyle. The Round Hard Tool Wrap shows you how to create more definition in wave and curl patterns, as well as how to enhance bangs with texture and movement.” –– Nick Arrojo



Permanent Texture - ARROJO Academy

New York, NY


212-242-7786 x207

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