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Double Standards with James Galvin and Benjamin Mohapti

November 3, 2012 to November 4, 2012

About the Event

What happens when you take the 2 most popular haircuts, the long layered cut and the bob and pull them apart to create individuality? You get Double Standards. These 2 looks will never go out of style, and we need to understand how to do them seamlessly before we can make our mark of creativity. In this 2-day hands-on event, James and Ben will share with you how to take these 2 classic shapes and put your own stamp on them. You will work on various methods of texturizing; making sure each is suitable for different hair types, keeping in mind that less is more and of course, everyone's favorite, the bob. How do you conquer the most difficult haircut to get right since it shows off any mistake? James and Ben will share simple solutions to avoid unwanted graduation, and how to once again work with various texturizing methods to put your stamp on it. If really honing in on your craft and giving clients easy effortless hair is what you are after, but still keeping it unique to you, this


Double Standards with James Galvin and Benjamin Mohapti

New York, NY

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