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Satin Smooth - Art of Waxing 102

May 20, 2012

About the Event

Attend a Satin Smooth full body waxing class that will be fun and educational. Pot waxing will be demonstrated with our different designer waxes. Satin Smooth is the leader in the industry about customizing waxing services. This class will be about what you need to make yourself successful in the salon or spa. Learn how to choose a wax for skin and hair type. Learn techniques that are comfortable for the customer. Learn how to market your waxing services. Learn how to use a client record card. Bikini waxing will be shown if we have a model. No Brazilian waxing will be show at this class. Please come with hair on your body as we will use attendees as models. By attending this class, you will receive a certificate of achievement.



Satin Smooth - Art of Waxing 102

Oakhurst, NJ


800-624-0405 x2113

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