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REDKEN Cut & Know Why

October 7, 2012 to October 10, 2012

About the Event

Want to master design? Discover the why! This 4 day session lays the foundation for our entire principle based design system. PBD is not about how to memorize a haircut, it's about understanding the big why in haircutting. Understand the "why" and you'll understand the "how". How to create an original idea and recreate it upon your client's return visit. How to recreate a look from a picture that a client shares with you and viceversa. The principles that form our foundations are universal, timeless and cannot be broken. All of these attributes give this program a point of difference, cohesive structure, a creative format and inspiring strength. Learn the principles, get the consistency, take a new approach and flip your system!



REDKEN Cut & Know Why

New York, NY



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