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Vivienne Mackinder's Customized - 5 Stylists, 5 Days Workshop

July 17, 2016 to July 21, 2016

About the Event

Call today for more information 866-484-8622 During this 5-day program, you can a la carte from the menu below what you would like to focus on. As the class is private, the one to one attention allows for the course to be tailored to your needs. All of the work is executed on a mannequin head so that you are free to create without any restrictions and no diva attitudes. (thank goodness the mannequins don’t complain). You will photo journal all of your work and at the end of the course you will take home print outs and a CD of all of the work you’ve created. The camera proves to be an incredible teacher and you will see your shapes and understand balance in a whole new light. - precision cutting - art of razor cutting - editorial styling - wig work - the art of consultation - facial framing - hair pieces and hair extensions - color work by special arrangements - styles that will range from classic to avant-garde - dress work and finishing skills - setting techniques


Vivienne Mackinder's Private Studio, Hamptons, New York

NY 11901


Rebekah Hope

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