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British Barbers Association 4 Day Accreditation Trainer the Trainer worksho

May 30, 2017 to June 2, 2017

About the Event

The British Barbers Association (BBA) is the voice of barbers in the UK. They represent their members by bringing together like minded professionals dedicated to the development and high standards of the barbering industry. See more in the BBA Video. The BBA through its Accreditation trainings offers a full BBA Barbering qualification to their attendees. This comprehensive course is designed to fully train trainers in all aspects of British Barbering techniques. BBA Accreditation will provide trainers with the credibility and recognition to promote their facility as a leader in their local barbering industry. The BBA Accreditation trainings are broken into individual modules. To receive full certification, all modules must be completed by each attendee.  

British Barbers Association / Kreate
$2495 CAD


Bryan Gaum

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