The new androgynous, under layered short cuts with polish are trending from photo shoots to celebrities. Think classic 1930’s male silhouettes with shorter sides and longer tops, as seen on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. The cut can be anything from a short punk rock razor cut, to a traditional pixie cut to a full on buzz cut from a barber shop. The main feature is that it is a short hair cut, and sexually ambiguous, and it can be worn messy and spiky or sleek and chic.

“I typically approach cutting a short under layer cut with a razor because it allows me to create a more pliable edge, which gives nice structure and soft movement, but the integrity of fine lifted hair can be compromised with a razor, so I recommend using a blending shear for high lift, fine haired blondes.” —Sam Villa, Redken Education Artistic Director.

 “When giving a client the androgynous hair cut, it is important to maintain a softer hairline as well as softer sideburns than when giving this cut to men. Add more texture in the cut, using a variety of texturizing blades and continue to use women’s products when styling.” —Naz Kupelian, RUSK International Creative Team Member

“Like most trends, everything is cyclical and what goes around always comes around again.  It was a great look on Twiggy in the ‘60s, also on Annie Lennox in the ‘80s. We've been seeing a big resurgence of ‘punk’ style in fashion both on the runways and in magazines lately. Historically, when women have cut their hair short, it has often been a declaration of personal style. With the lines between male and female gender roles being so blurred these days, a lot of women are embracing this trend of short hair and having a lot of fun with it.” —Brian Magallones, René Furterer Celebrity Stylist

“Keeping up with a shorter style doesn’t have to be a chore. Strategic styles and cutting techniques can make a huge difference in how the hair looks 4, 5 or even 6 weeks later. Styling products play a massive role as short cuts begin to transform from week to week. Hollywood starlets are redefining the typical feminine ideal with sharper looks that make a statement but still have that classic feminine beauty.” —Lissette Cruz, Pravana Artistic Educator