HOW-TO: A Short Lesson About Bobs

By Lauren Salapatek | 12/18/2012 3:43:00 PM


Stacy Martin, a Director/Instructor at Bella Academy of Cosmetology in Oshkosh, WI, tells her students that you can't have a great hair style without a great hair cut, and without a great consultation you won't have either. Here, she lends her advice to MODERN on how to achieve the perfect Bob.

"A good ‘bob’ is hard to achieve, whether it be by use of a razor, shear, symmetrical or asymmetrical or anything in-between," says Martin. "When your client sits in your chair they are giving you their image. It’s up to you, during the consultation to discover that image.

"A symmetrical bob is a time honored hair cut. Vidal Sassoon made it famous, and we have to give that look to our clients. Precision is what this hair cut is all about (see below photo). I always tell my students to use their mirrors, move the chair around, and for Heavens’ sake ALWAYS part off! A lot of stylists stop parting off properly, and in return their hair cuts can look sloppy. Always turn the head so a flat plane can be used when cutting. If you don’t turn the client's head, and you just move the hair to the front or the back, you will get elevation that isn’t wanted, and thus create an uneven, precise bob.

"Now, as for styling a bob, make sure you use products that will add to your creation. (Don't use any products that will weigh the hair down). During blow-drying be certain to blow the air down on the hair to keep the cuticle in the downward position. This will keep the hair looking moisturized and with much less frizz than just blowing it all around. The use of gloss when you’re finished (I prefer KENRA) will give this hair style the classic shine it asks for."




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M Medina    
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December, 26, 2012 at 11:03 PM

Why all the mystery. No elevation one length bob, low graduation and graduation with tapered ends will satisfy the majority of clients that want a bob.

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