Ted Gibson styled the hair for Cameron Diaz for the screening of her latest film: Sex Tape. Here he offers tips on creating effortless hair.

HOW-TO: Ted Gibson on Cameron Diaz for Sex Tape Movie"I love working with cool, chic Cameron Diaz," Gibson says. "There is nothing better than working with a client that knows what she wants. Cameron is so effortlessly sexy, and this natural style was so much fun to do on her." According to Gibson, the key to achieving this look is to use little to no product. The statement in this look is a defined part while leaving the rest looking quite DIY.

His pro tip: "As hairdressers, we know that even the most effortless looking styles take the careful finesse of skilled hands, so be sure to leave yourself enough time to perfect the look."


STEP 1: Start with damp hair. Blow dry on a cool setting with no brush to give that natural feel and retain the natural wave.

STEP 2: Rake with fingers while damp.

STEP 3: Part the hair in a deep side part, sweeping the air across the forehead.

STEP 4: Brush the hair while using fingers to set beachy wave.