Alex Rivera, Chicago-born cosmetologist, make-up educator and Platform Artist for Fromm Beauty uncovered a talent and passion for beauty after enrolling in Pivot Point International Academy in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

After graduating, he started a freelance career, specializing in bridal hair and make-up, falling in love with the power of transformation. Wanting to expand his make-up artistry skills, he became a certified Make-Up Designory (MUD) educator and began connecting with make-up artists of social media fame.

Because of his location and lack of model access, Rivera was forced to use himself as a model to practice the tutorials and techniques he was learning and creating. He launched a YouTube channel and Instagram account, @alexfaction, where he rapidly gained a following of nearly 40,000 inspired followers hungry for his tutorials. You can find Rivera on platforms around the country for Fromm Beauty, on YouTube demoing special fx make-up or on Instagram by following @alexfaction.