Celebrity Hairstylist Mark Townsend created unique looks for all three Olsen sisters at the 2014 Met Ball. He shares how he created an undone, textured updo for Elizabeth Olsen.


Inspiration: Fresh, sophisticated and edgy

STEP 1: Starting with hair that already has texture in it, use a double-barrel iron to create an uneven bend throughout.
STEP 2: Spray some volumizing or root-lifting spray at the roots to give added volume. Blow-dry with fingers.
STEP 3: Create three large sections from the top, sides and bottom. Pull the bottom piece into a ponytail at the nape of the neck, then take the two sides and pull them straight back. Secure the sides with two bobby pins and let the ends hang over the ponytail.
STEP 4: Pull the top section back and pin it to the same hair from the sides at the back of the head.

Fun fact: For an added touch of glamour, Mark sewed a Cartier pin into the hair using only bobby pins as a base.