Lily Allen isn't afraid of bold--in her lyrics, hair and otherwise. Her sunset-hued, color-melted hair has stars in our eyes, so we snagged the formula and how-to from Pravana's Artistic Color Director Vadre Grigsby.

FORMULA HOW-TO: Lily Allen's Sunset Haircolor Melt


Formula 1: Equal parts Pravana VIVIDS Violet and VIVDS Clear
Formula 2: Two parts VIVIDS Wild Orchid to one part VIVIDS Magenta
Formula 3: Four parts Pravana PASTELS Too Cute Coral to one part VIVDS Orange + one part VIVIDS Pink

STEP 1: Use tint brushes to take small sections and apply VIVIDS Violet (formula 1) at the root.

STEP 2: Use VIVIDS Wild Orchid (formula 2) through the mid-shaft.

STEP 3: Use Coral (formula 3) through the ends.

STEP 4: With gloved hands, blend the formulas where they meet. Make sure to clean gloved hands between blends.



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