MODERN asked Beth Minardi, master colorist and founder of Beth Minardi Signature, "New moms often have little time to spare for themselves—and hair color can sometimes fall to the bottom of the priority list. What go-to color techniques (application or formulation) do you recommend for clients like this? What should be avoided for appointment stretchers?"

“Highlights to the rescue! They look fine for three to four months and options can be in brown, red or blonde,” says Beth Minardi, master colorist and founder of Beth Minardi Signature. There is no solid line of demarcation and with gentle shampoo and conditioner, hair will look wonderful. Think of color treated hair as a fine fabric. Correct care and gentle handling assure longer wear and beauty. The scalp must be effectively yet gently cleansed and the shampoo formula must protect the color treated fiber."

"Minardi Wash and After Wash professional products were developed to pamper and protect the client's color investment. And, minimizing application of alkaline level coloring products is key to keeping hair looking great. While permanent color is the best choice when lift as well as deposit are required, refreshing faded hair lengths or performing tint backs are most safely and successfully done using an acidic liquid demi color.”

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