A New School Of Perms

The “bigger-is-better” perms commonly associated with the ’80s might conjure up thoughts of tight, poodle curls, large metal rods and off-putting odors. But as perm technology has evolved and become more customizable, perms can be used to control texture, create natural looking waves or add volume to straight hair. The old permanent wave machine introduced in the 1920s used a combination of chemicals and electricity to curl the hair. To achieve the desired look of the time, clients sat under the machine for up to six hours while hair was heated to approximately 200 degrees. Advances in chemical technology have made the perm process much easier on hair. Improved solutions boasting built-in conditioners preserve strength and integrity while delivering consistent results. By varying rod size, solution strength and processing time, stylists can give clients a variety of options from big, tight curls to loose waves.



Goodbye Spiral, Hello Wave

The new twist in perming is all about adding definition and creating soft texture.

A New School Of Perms A New School Of Perms A New School Of Perms
Zotos Quantum Classic Body Matrix's Opti. Effects CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Wave System by Farouk
Quantum Classic Body is an acid perm that creates soft, supportive body & supportive waves for a “non-permed” look.Quantum perms are formulated with Equalizer 3™ conditioner to balance porosity for even, predictable wave  formation. Matrix’s Opti.Effects has no residual odor and can create coiled, full curls or loose, modern waves.
CHI’s Ionic Permanent Shine Wave System is a gentle, ammonia-free formula that works to maintain optimum moisture levels.
A New School Of Perms A New School Of Perms A New School Of Perms
Permanent Wave System by Paul Mitchell Pravana's Beach Waves American Wave by Arrojo
Paul Mitchell’s Permanent Wave System offers three formula types for colored, gray and normal to fine hair. Pravana’s Beach Wave is a semipermanent texture infusion tool and service designed to provide a longlasting, soft, natural wave. Beach Wave creates soft, subtle waves that can be worn natural or styled with a curling iron for a more elegant, tighter curl. Using an ionic waving lotion, the American Wave by Arrojo penetrates the hair shaft gently without roughing the cuticle or making it swell, which is what perms used to do.