Hollywood head-turning looks.

Big Screen Style, Celebrity Style for May BlockbustersClassic Guy

Starring in the adventure blockbuster Battleship, Alexander Skarsgard’s daunting style is on our radar for looks that keep heads turning. According to Oribe educator, Ramona Eschbach, this style is easy to achieve with the help of Oribe Crème for Style.

Big Screen Style, Celebrity Style for May BlockbustersTry it: “This is a relaxed look for the guy who wants to look groomed, but not too stiff,” says Eschbach. “Start by blow drying the hair back from the hairline with a comb. Finish with a bit of Oribe Crème for Style for soft, natural-looking hold.”



Big Screen Style, Celebrity Style for May BlockbustersModern Buzz Cut

Chris Evans, starring in Marvel’s The Avengers, has been seen sporting a modern take on a classic buzz cut. His cut is a bit longer and blends smoothly into a full beard and moustache. “There is more to a great buzz cut than snapping on a guide comb and cruising a cranium,” Big Screen Style, Celebrity Style for May Blockbusterssays Ivan Zoot, director of education and training at Andis.

Try it: Evan’s buzz cut is a full ½” long. More length creates a fuller look. This is not a fade hair cut. The sides and back are of a uniform length all the way to the bottom edge. Overlap sections with your clipper and cut all hair against the growth to create an even finish. The longer length looks better with soft edges. Edge up the cut softly with the tips of your shears. Evans’ beard is just a bit shorter than the hair cut, but the transition from head hair to facial hair is seamless and progressive.


Big Screen Style, Celebrity Style for May BlockbustersCharming Beauty

Australian beauty Bella Heathcote is about to make a big splash as the good natured but mysterious governess, Victoria Winters in the much anticipated movie Dark Shadows. “A sleek hair shape with framing fringe lets Bella’s eyes take center stage,” says Celebrity Stylist Mohammad Rahebi from Identity Salon in Encino, California.

Big Screen Style, Celebrity Style for May BlockbustersTry it: “After shampooing and conditioning, lightly coat the hair with Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment from roots to ends. Next, blow-dry the hair with a Boar Bristle brush. Coarser and curlier hair types may need a quick pass with a fl at iron to set the shape.