Inspiration for Pastel Propaganda by Dimitri Tsiknaris came from not only the hair world but art galleries, Instagram and photography magazines which are full of beautiful and bright colors that pop out right at you. The focal point of the collection is the color and the hair is the canvas.

COLORFULLY BLUNT: "With this look I wanted to take a classical bob and put a modern twist on it. Working with my model's thick hair, I wanted to achieve a broad solid baseline and blunt fringe.

Color was pre-lightened with foils and toned with 0/00. Once that was finished, we had a beautiful blank canvas to work with. Leaving the fringe out to create contrast I worked over the whole head, inch-by-inch sections free handing Lakme 0/50 (red/pink) 0/10 (green) and 0/31 (yellow) all mixed with 0/00 to soften and create these beautiful pastel shades that fuse together."

TURQUOISE WAVES: "With this look I wanted to create a beautiful, soft turquoise as my canvas. I achieved this by using Lakme color, mixing 25g 0/70 (blue) 10g 0/10 (green) and softening it with 0/00 (white) to create this dreamy color. With the hair cut, I wanted to maintain length but have loads of internal texture. Movement and direction was created with a hot roller set."


ILLUSION: "This look is so simple yet effective. I maintained the length of the cut and feathered the ends to create a windswept look, contrasted by a super clean blunt fringe.

Color was pre-lightened and toned with Lakme 0/00. I then seamlessly bailayaged the ends using Lakme 0/70 (blue) with 0/00 to make the pastel blue. once that was achieved, the white hair was created using a white can of hairspray. The white outfit creates an almost windswept illusion."

COLOR WAVE: "My favorite look of all. I used a hair weft and sectioned it up in 1-inch wide sections. Then, I used every bright color on the Lakme color chart, and mixed all of them with 0/00 for that pastel look. Once the weft was finished I then put my model’s hair in a super sleek pony tail and then wrapped the weft around the base of the pony. For shooting this look it was as simple as throwing the hair in the air till we captured this amazing image."

VINTAGE PASTEL:  “I took a halo section on top of the head and applied Lakme 0/50 and 0/00 to create a beautiful pastel pink. I styled using small hot rollers through the top. Then, I braided the sides wrapping around to the back. The rollers were then taken out and the hair was brushed and teased into place. At the end, I used yellow hairspray to show the braid off more and to compliment the beautiful pastel pink.”

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: "The hair cut is the hero in this look, inspired by a classical Vidal Sassoon short cut. I wanted it to be very tailored and chic. I shaved the side burn area of the hairline to enhance and alter the shape of the style. Color went the opposite direction to the rest of the collection using a deep bold Level 5.”


Collection: Pastel Propaganda
Hair: Dimitri Tsiknaris
Photography:  Jason Zambell
Make-up: Kaliope Thomas
Fashion Styling Thessy Kouzoukas